Some Holiday and Everyday Italian Phrases

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Eat your way to fluency with this “sampler” of frasi italiane (Italian phrases).


Le Feste (Holidays)

La Vigilia (Christmas eve)                    

Natale (Christmas)          

Buon Natale!  (Merry Christmas!)

Il giorno di Santo Stefano (Boxing day)                        

Il Capodanno (New Year)


Espressioni (Expressions)

Ciao! (Hi/bye!)

Buon giorno!  (Hello, Good day)                                                            

Buona sera!  (Good evening)

Buona notte!  (Good night; good bye)                                

Buone Feste! (Happy holidays!)

Buon Anno!/Felice Anno Nuovo! (Happy New Year!)  

Si mangia! (Time to eat!)

A tavolo! (Everyone to the table!)                                        

Buon appetito! (Happy eating!)

Per favore/Per piacere. (pronounced ‘per pee-ah-cheh-ray’)  (Please.)              

Grazie! (Thank you!)

Mille grazie! (Thank you very much!) (literally, “A thousand thanks”)   

Prego! (You’re welcome!)

Buona fortuna!  (Good luck!)  

In bocca a lupo!  (Good luck!  literally, “in the mouth of the wolf”)

Crepi il lupo (the response to someone wishing you good luck)

When making a toast, called un brindisi, Italians say Saluti! or Cin Cin (pronounced ‘cheen cheen’).

Auguri! (Good wishes!)

Ti voglio bene!  (I love you; I care for you!)

Ti amo! (I love you)
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